Saturday, December 8, 2012

Subject Painted and Photographed (a conversation)


the prevalent

straight shot single eye

Portrait can always portray
the portrayal with the distance
between the strokes
of which the artist lives within

the truth is always assumed to be late
or left behind

A photograph can get forgotten
the moment is present
is here
is now
I missed you


the seduction of the lenses
always subtle

The subject
is the medium

truth is forced upon the audience
a new meaning can came
from many angles

levels of attention can be shifted
with control
layers of intrusion
of subject
the artist faded and saturated
made into the scene


Lets be seduced by art

and blend with the motion
memorialize the flow of time
and capture the
movement standing still

this is a dialog
between the past
and the present

with titillation
vibrating the fibers of

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