Saturday, December 8, 2012

My relationship with Photography

I kept asking myself, what can a photo add to text, to my language? I have now realized that this is just the beginning. Soon I can start using photography to translate how I see the world and make up for the space between the words. I look at things differently now. I look at light and composition. I look for creative and new ways to look at things and to capture them in ways that are innovative with a machine that is now accessible to everyone. I do not feel I have achieved this goal yet, but I believe that I now will have to ability and willingness to start taking the steps toward this realization.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” –Shakespeare

The world once again for me is a stage, everything has the ability to be a beautiful shot, and everything is an artistic medium. Inspiration is flowing readily in the streets as the people walking them, the people themselves the bricks they walk, the food they eat. Everything is open and ready to be received by the willing eye. I can now look at the world and see it as for the first time.

I believe poetry is a form of archive. The body is an archive. The self is an archive with the medium of word to describe and be the immortality of history.

Photography is an archive. With poetry I can help create the archive of mediums and using both I cannot even wait to experiment and see what needs to be expressed come to fruition.

Photography used to be an embarrassing thing my father did when he went on trips or vacations, now I see it as a lingual tool, a translator, a lifter of veils, an art form. It is capturing what we all want to see but is too afraid to try.

Photography is travel transported into a single frame.

It reminds us to stay humble and to keep our eyes open and be ready for the motion of the earth below our feet.

the camera is the life lines we all have in our palms and forget to listen to, we forget to see. 

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