Friday, November 23, 2012


"Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveler recognizes the little that is his. Discovering the much he does not have and will never have." 

"Journeys to relieve your past?"
"Journeys to recover your future?"

-Italo Calvino
Journeying turned corners to forget to remember. Be present said everyone everywhere. Yet I ask where are they?  And where are you?

If you dig deep enough in a hole will you still reach china, my sandbox held this secret tight and refused to answer.

Trying to lose time in one of these alleyways, it keeps up just fine.

To be alone
taking the role of "calm"

"would you like me to be anxious for a while?"
a plot
a crescendo 
a catalyst

is never


till it is over. 

Travel Necessities: A mirror. So we can always look back without turning around. 
the beginning is alway images

idea of an image

(the) real covers the city as fog 

experience into image
image into mirages 
The streets crack open
Swallowing men
To orgasm them back out
With vision cleared

taking the step
into never 

ever simple

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